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What we do

About US

A1 FMS is one of Karnataka’s leading integrated security and facility service providers with an industry presence of over 6 years. Established in 2016, A1FMS now has a workforce of over 1000 + Facility and security personnel and serves over 70 customers across India.

Our ethical, value-driven, customer-focused approach has helped us create an excellent reputation for ourselves over the years. We are committed to providing our clients with best-in-class, reliable, and cost-effective security and facility services. Our trained and certified professionals are adept in providing services like patrolling, guard force management, accesscontrol management, and CCTV surveillance. We also specialize in facility services like housekeeping, pest control, landscaping, technical services and many more


We understand the importance of security and facility management for organizations, and we strive to provide the best services to help them achieve their goals. We look forward to serving you and helping you meet your security and facility needs

Prashanth Kumar TN

Founder & Managing Director

Prashanth Kumar is the Managing Director and CEO of a successful company he started in 2016. And has more than 25 years of industry experience, including leadership roles at Terrier Security Services India Private Limited. Throughout his career, Prashanth Kumar has developed a reputation for being a strong leader and for turning around businesses by implementing innovative strategies. He is also well-known for his commitment to customer service and for creating a positive culture among his employees. He has successfully built strong relationships with clients, vendors, and partners. Through his hard work and dedication.

Prashanth Kumar has created a successful business that has seen continued growth and success over the years. His commitment to excellence and his company has made him an exemplary leader in the industry.

Prashanth Kumar is a true leader and role model. Through his leadership and guidance, he has helped the company to become a success and has created a culture of innovation, improvement, and excellence.

What We Do

Protecting You and Your Business, Family, Properties with Devotion, Intelligence and Mind

What does A1 FMS provide?

A1 FMS with its competence and capability has been providing background checks /investigation services to a large number of customers in the IT, manufacturing, ITES, Banking, Insurance and Retail Sectors in Chennai and other cities. The checks essentially cover the following.


Our Services Make Your
Business Secure

Our Work Process

We don’t Stay in the past, in fact we focus on what we can do now to lay out a better tomorrow, since we will be responsible for each day FMS activities, Serving Clients is an opportunity for us to challenge ourselves, while our role changes we begin in gaining experience and new strengths, We make the environment litter free and do hold a presence in serving our client by well aware of the process and requirement of the clients.

Our Innovation

Being adaptive to changes is essential in our changing workplace, “A1FMS” approach will be more effective towards such challenges and ready to take on the challenge to lead in service rendered, even when it’s towards a different direction than before, also we Feel inspired to be part of our clients achievements on its top goals.

Our office

“A1FMS” is computerized to handle statutory compliance we have dedicated personals to handle Payroll Systems, Accounts, Compliance and operations

Top Level Of Protection

We offer a variety of security products under electronic security services. We also specialize in manned guarding, investigations, background verifications and training. To find out how we can enhance your security and peace of mind, please reach out to us.

All your needs are covered

We Offer Fast, Professional and Exceptional Services

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Working Hours

Working Hours                              Mon-Saturday : 9 AM – 7 PM

Sunday: Closed


308, 3rd Floor, Motati Meadows.
Benniganahallai, Nagvara Palya,
​Bengaluru, Karnataka 560093

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